“Photographs are each frozen moments and when you look ito them they come stories. Full of feeling and full of life . They are quiet, tattered,forgotten,emotional and beautiful !”


~ Ashley Lebedev




From a bright school lad to an illustrious career of the Master Mariner, Capt. Sahil Fauzdar has come a long way. Whilst on work he was exposed to the most beauteous and bounteous nature and humanity…little did he know that he would carry them all home. Keep them forever and then share these priceless jewels with everyone around. The most beautiful and prolific pictures ever clicked. His truest mate…his camera whom he adores with a childlike charm and possession.


A Personal letter from the Artist

“Photography for me is a great passion, is about being a mirror, showing things happening around us. It shows where we were, where we are and where we will be potentially leading to. It reflects humanity back at people to contemplate themselves. It also is a track record showing our roots and our probable future direction.

It raises our consciousness, individually and collectively, by revealing our true nature and our relationship with humanity.

I firmly believe that every human being, every soul in this universe has a purpose. And these images represent this time in my life – they reflect the feelings of other people in my generation, the social and cultural circumstance.

I live and breathe photography . Its my life .Its my gateway to “The Universe”. A universe where my emotions flow without any restrictions.., its my feelings…  its my conversations with nature, with birds & with the animals, with mountains & with the rivers, with humans and with the souls

And there are no words…but pure stillness.

The only thing that moves me in a human element is capturing beauty beneath the surface – be it sadness. or happiness.

These words would best describe my passion : (Photographing) Life , Time or Timelessness ,Music, Souls, Morality and Happiness !!!”


Thus Speak the Images

The images in their truest being are so pure and serene. They are therapeutic. From putting smile onto the sullen faces to a conscientious applaud….they cure !!! They are silent friends of the humanity mirroring them in their truest light and invoking that humane emotion to love, share and cherish ! The albums present before you an array of emotions. From appreciating the natural beauty to art and culture they invoke a deep sense of pathos and empathy for so many benign souls across the globe. The journalistic view is evident . The images speak volumes why and for what they were captured. A tour in the Studio will

certainly leave many a heart and minds enrapt with emotions of love, beauty, hope, despair, triumph, patience, longing, desire and many a retroactive nostalgia !

The heart behind the name : ‘STUDIO BY SAHIL’

“I wanted to give a different name which doesn’t define me, but photography as in whole. ‘Studio by Sahil’ is not only unique but also adds a bit of story as studios, for ages, have been the source of all the images. Making it little general gives me an unlimited opportunity to expand and not just limit my growth in future !”


~ Sahil



The Photo Montage : The Emotions behind !!!


When Capt Sahil Fauzdar went on this ‘clicking’ spree little did he know that one day all of his photographic landmarks would consummate into this beautiful video labeled as “CHIRAIYA – A noble cause through my lens !”


On a cozy morning as he endearingly watched his daughter getting dressed for school, the song “O ri Chiraiya….” played in the background. He was moved so much by the sheer feel of the song that he sat pondering, what a priceless gift he has ever received from the divinity ! His only child, a lovely daughter.


A sailor by profession, scaling the length and breadth of the world, sailing through the most wondrous oceans, he had captured the most effervescent scenes of the most exotic locales of the world. but what moved him the most were these common and the sullen faces of the rustic Indian soul. The mud smeared faces, the sombre and morose demeanours of these very Indian souls all splattered across in and around us ! When he captured these little girls on his camera, sooty faces and blank hopeless eyes, he didn’t have a hint that one day they will weave a story to be told again and again !

These pictures came out to be extremely conscientious, thought provoking and grave .


These images, in a photo montage, drew huge appreciation when posted by Facebook, ‘Speaking Tree’ and the ‘Youtube’. Not only that, the “Satymev Jayate” team has also acknowledged it and it can be readily seen on their official Facebook Page. It drew close to 15,000 ‘likes’ and more than 2500 ‘shares’. On ‘youtube’ it had more than 500 views within a few hours of posting and still counting.


This lead to him working with SMRITI, an India based NGO that relentlessly works for the up-liftment of the girl child.

He has also shot and designed a calendar for FOGSI & Mylan Inc., one of the largest generic pharmaceutical company of the US, dedicated against female foeticide.



Accolades Drawn :


1. Regularly providing images to Panama Tourism Ministry for their promotions.

2. Regular photo features for magazine, Sailor Today.

3. Organizing exhibitions for state government during Taj Mahotsav, their show-case tourist & handicraft event for the world.

4. Associated in promotion of an NGO on saving the birds.

5. Organize photography workshops and classes at various schools.

6. Head the ‘Photographers Club of Agra” – A visual voice, making positive contribution towards the city, helping in promoting tourism and presenting the city in a better light.

7. Wildlife work on promoting Save the Tigers has been widely appreciated.

8. Photography Exhibition at Taj Literary Festival inaugurated by ace lensman Raghu Rai.

9. Photography Exhibition at ITC Mughal, Agra .